Couples Therapist, Clinical Psychologist

My name is Madonna Schmierer. I am a Clinical Psychologist and Couples Therapist

That means that I have trained for eight years to assist individuals with a wide range of mental illnesses. I enjoy treating all my patients and watching them understand their issues and then, together, working out strategies and processes for them to cope, recover, and get back to a happy normal life.

However my particular area of interest is


I believe the Couple is the core unit for the happiness of individuals, both children and adults, and for families.

having undertaken further studies to learn better evidenced based techniques I can provide greater help to Couples to know each other better, understand each others histories and learn to work and cope together through all the strains and issues of  life.

I enjoy my Couples work as I get to see people who care deeply about each other finally get to know the person they chose as their life partner. I then see  them address any issues they may have in light of this new knowledge.

With my  range of tools and techniques, along with the academic qualifications and life experience, I will be your best guide through this journey.

Many of my post counseling Couples find that they are more positive, more caring, more understanding, and on a more loving path towards themselves , their partner and their family.

So if you are feeling like

  • your relationship is under pressure or
  • you carry some unresolved issues that have choked the life out of your relationship

Book in for a session so we can discus your concerns and plan a way forward

Locations, Bookings and Links

My offices at Red Hill, Annerley, Morningside and Wynnum In Brisbane, Queensland.

However my Red Hill and Morningside offices have been specially designed to allow for the best interaction in my Couples sessions.

Details of my contact numbers, email, office locations and available session times are all available on the Contact Me page.

You can also follow me on

Facebook: Madonna Schmierer Clinical Psychologist

LinkedIn; Madonna Schmierer Clinical Psychologist

and I moderate the Google+ Community “Couples Psychology Australia” which contains helpful articles and discussions about Couples and Couples Therapy

I do not provide bulk billing services. My scale of fees is set out in the Services & Fees page.